In a typical project lifecycle, organizations commonly go through the planning, design, implementation and operational phases. However, there has always been a need and requirement for the 'optimization' phase, which can be a leading factor for achieving 'Operational Excellence' whereby organizations can easily adapt to changing business requirements, without investing in completely in new technology, with the assistance and guidance of their Trusted Advisors or Partners. GBM has been very active in this area and has put significant focus on supporting customers with its Advanced Services offerings, mainly in the network and security areas.

Every network needs constant monitoring and optimization to ensure that performance is as per best practice and latest security standards. In addition, in this era of dynamic businesses, it is absolutely necessary for organizations to regularly assess and fine-tune their network to adapt to the changing business needs. The dependence of business on IT is now increasing at an exponential scale and CIOs' are expected to get the best out of the networks with 100 percent uptime, zero percent performance issues, and to maintain the latest and highest security compliances. With technology enhancements developing at a rapid pace, and increasing security vulnerabilities, the complexity is high with little room for mistakes. GBM helps customers in meeting their business objectives using certified experts across the region.

GBM Advanced Services aim at achieving the following objectives: 

  • Making the best use of deployed technology
  • Achieve complete visibility of network to improve uptime
  • Protection from the latest risks and vulnerabilities
  • Mitigating all the identified risks and protect the brand value
  • Increasing the efficiency of networks
  • Follow industry standard best practices.