Requirements Validation

  • Validation of the project scope and proposed solution with the customer
  • Proactive observation and reporting in case of any issues.

Facilities Qualification (Site Survey) 

  • Preparation and submission of Site Requirements Specification (SRS) document to the customer
  • Visual inspection of the Customer space to verify site and building details, cabling details, indoor and outdoor requirements, existing network details (active and passive), power details, site environmental requirements, physical specifications, rack layout, security access and necessary logistics to deliver the equipment 
  • Reporting the status of site readiness.

Low Level Design Development 

  • Conducting technical workshops with the customer
  • Gathering all technical requirements such as IP addressing, VLAN, Routing Protocols
  • Preparation and submission of implementation ready Low Level Design (LLD) document with solution purpose, scope and objectives, assumptions and caveats, software versions, network overview, physical and logical interconnections, IP addressing scheme, network diagrams, modules, integration strategies, design considerations and best practices.

Migration Plan Development 

  • Collecting all the relevant technical details of existing infrastructure
  • Identification of hardware, software, applications to be migrated (within scope)
  • Performing risk analysis and reporting it to all stakeholders
  • Preparation and submission of Migration Plan (MP) document with migration steps and rollback strategy.

User Acceptance Test Plan Development 

  • Finalizing the user acceptance criterion with the customer
  • Preparation and submission of User Acceptance Test (UAT) document to be performed after project implementation.