GBM's Project Management Office (PMO) has significantly contributed to GBM's Intelligent Network Solution's achievement of constant outstanding customer feedback. 

Project Management processes and documentation standards are followed throughout the life of the project which provides the project team with immediate feedback in status meetings, enabling the incorporation of improvements in work approach and the processing of current as well as future projects. This entire function is controlled by GBM PMO with the help of qualified resources possessing industry leading certifications such as Project Management Professional (PMP)® and PRINCE2®.

Project lifecycle in GBM

Initiating Phase 
The purpose of this phase is to refine the definition of the project objectives and establish the proper project management and quality control environment for the project at its onset, and to identify the resources required to create each deliverable. The foundation of every successful project is a detailed definition of the project that is understood and agreed upon by all stakeholders. This phase creates the initial working documents that will be used to manage the execution of the project. 

Planning Phase
During this Phase, the implementation team assesses the readiness of the site, procurement team orders the equipment to be delivered within the time-frame set for the project; the implementation team builds the Low Level Design; and the Project Manager updates the detailed Project Plan and monitors the progress to ensure the drive of the project remains under control and the scope is met on-time. The key success factor for any project is proper planning. 

Executing Phase
The purpose of this phase is to manage every aspect of project delivery to assure the project is successful. At this point, the Project Definition has been signed off and approved and the project management working deliverables have been established. In this phase, the execution of the project is being managed and its progress tracked against the plans established during the Initiating and Planning Phases. To ensure the project stays on-schedule and within budget, performance is monitored against the project plan and adjustments are made as necessary. 

Monitoring and Control Phase