Delphix is a data virtualization solution which acts as an independent appliance to give power and control over the data in a self-service user interface GUI allowing rewind, refresh, bookmark, branch…etc.

Delphix Data Virtualization gives power over data as follows:

  • Automatically sync with production databases through standard database APIs
  • Provision or refresh populated virtual databases (VDBs) in minutes
  • Enable self-service access for developers and analysts for key projects
  • Synchronize data from multiple sources with integrated log synchronization
  • Reduce storage requirements by 10x
  • Installs in minutes on x86 servers in VM, or on private/public cloud infrastructure


Delphix gives solutions for the following areas:

  1. 1. Governance, risk and compliance
  2. 2. Modernization and migration
  3. 3. App Quality, Time-to-Market
  4. 4. Analytics & Reporting
  5. 5. Data Protection