With multiple implementations for several customers across different industries, Enterprise Integration is one area where GBM Software Solutions has earned the name of being one of the most preferred partners for customers in GCC. Equipped with robust tools and methodologies and supported by a very strong network of in-house resources and partners, we ensure that our customers reap the benefit of cutting-edge consulting, faster implementations, smoother roll outs, de-risked upgrades and dependable production support.  

The services provided in this area are using industry leading IBM© MQ, IBM© Datapower, IBM© Application Integration Suite (IBM© Integration Bus, IBM© API Connect and IBM© App Connect) software’s and include the following. 

1. SOA Architecture Consultancy and Roadmap Definition Services 

We provide this service for customers who would want to embark on their SOA journey. This includes  

•   Assessment of AS-IS Setup 
•   Requirements Gathering around specifically designed questionnaire 
•   Socialize and define target setup 
•   Segregate development phases for faster ROI 
•   Setup SOA Architecture  

There is a rich repository of templates and best practices that has evolved from the multiple implementations in GCC and we ensure that the same is reused and effectively improved upon for all forthcoming projects. 
Upon successful completion of such an engagement, customer’s get the benefit of having a clear roadmap on the series of steps and disciplines that would need to be put in place to initiate implement and manage the SOA Landscape within their organization.
2. Platform Installation Services 

GBM has the expertise to setup Integration platforms based on diverse range of topologies that suit customer’s need. The activities here typically include the following. 

•   Software Installation 
•   Admin Console Setup and Configuration 
•   High Availability Setup 
•   Profile Creations 
•   LDAP/SMTP Integration & Configuration 
•   Database Setup & Configuration 
•   Sanity checking of installed components 


3. Services Design and Implementation Services 

The identified services are designed and implemented in this stage. Apart from our references and resource strength, our customers highly value the documentations we deliver as a part of each stage in the project. All our implementations are richly documented with traceability enablement to the requirements from any stage in the project. We follow industry best practices and ensure that the identified services are properly designed, developed, and deployed in multiple environments before they go through the multiple rounds of testing to be successfully deployed in customer’s production environment. 

4. Application Migration Services 

We also help our customers to migrate from one version of software to the latest version of software. Migration activities are usually not straight forward as they would require a thorough investigation on what is already built and suggest an approach that ensures minimal impact to the existing production run applications.  

The typical steps involved in this activity are as follows. 

•   Health Check and Review of existing Setup 
•   Identify gaps and solutions to fill them 
•   Installation of latest SW on identified environments 
•   Application Migration 
•   Testing of migrated components 
•   Production Deployment and Go-Live