The solution provides:

  •  A seamless integration with multiple applications to  provide a 360o view of the hospital
  • 175+ clinical / non-clinical performance indicators & Analytics out of the box, covering 15 departments, to aid in better decision making 
  • The ability to visualize the actual vs. target against the industry benchmarks
  • A consolidated hospital-wide view to executives through Dashboards


The pre-built solution improves the operational efficiencies through:

Cost Management

  • Improves the operational efficiencies  by optimally utilizing hospital resources to reduce materials management cost


Analytically Rich Healthcare

  • Streamlined strategy execution and business planning
  • Turning hospitals from “data rich, information poor” to “data rich, analytically rich” 
  • Faster and more trustworthy reporting and analysis


Enhanced Decision Making

  • One view of the company-wide information in real time
  • Better clinical outcomes by smarter decisions


Enhanced patient safety & satisfaction

  • Through a better healthcare performance and delivery of care


Support for Initiatives

  • Implementation of industry best practices
  • Information Support for Quality initiatives


Healthcare Benefit Realization

  • Improved employee engagement and accelerated time to value Through Standardization of Care, shorter implementation cycle
  • Optimal utilization of existing IT infrastructure