AutoPerform Aims to measure, monitor, report and plan the key performance indicators across Automotive Dealership business, seamlessly integrates multiple applications to provide a 360o view in tracking Sales (Vehicle & Spares), Services, HR, Finance, Marketing and Supply-chain performance indicators to aid in better decision making.

The Solution has the ability to visualize the actual vs. target against the industry benchmarks and provides a consolidated company-wide view to the Chief-Ex team through Dashboards. It also allows contributing to budget, planning, forecasting, re-forecasting andwhat-if analysis.



  • Sales & Revenue Planning(Vehicles, Parts, Services & Leasing)
  • Stock Movement Planning
  • Headcount Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • CapEx
  • OPEX
  • Consolidation


  • Sales  & After sales reports
  • Financial reports
  • Operational Reports
  • Manpower
  • Key Performance Indicators(Covering Vehicles, Parts, Services & Leasing)


  • Warranty Analytics
  • Customer Life time Value
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Customer Segmentation
  • RFM Analytics
  • Cross Sell / Up Sell Analytics
  • Customer Attrition Analytics(mainly on Services)
  • Sales forecasting

The pre-built solution for Budgeting, Planning, Consolidation, Reporting & Analytics improves the operational efficiency through:

  • One view of the company-wide information in real time
  • Streamlined strategy execution and business planning
  • Enables smarter decision making capabilities
  • Faster and more trustworthy reporting and analysis
  • Turning from “data rich, information poor” to “data rich, analytically rich”
  • Implementation of industry best practices
  • Improved employee engagement and accelerated time to value
  • Optimal utilization of existing IT infrastructure
  • Shorter implementation cycle, hence quicker tangible results and high ROI