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GBM Services for Enterprise Marketing Management helps organizations to identify and apply insights to improve customer engagement, purchases and loyalty. We will help you develop a comprehensive solution for executing and optimizing marketing programs across digital, social, and traditional channels.

Omni-channel marketing capabilities can help you engage thousands — or millions — of individuals in context with the right message at the right time through the right channel. 

  • Track and honor individual customer preferences, and quickly and cost-effectively design, execute and measure customer-driven communication strategies across your channels, online and offline.
  • Build an effective, ongoing dialogue and create moments that matter with your customer or prospect through a full interaction history, including offers presented, context and campaign details, and response or non-response.
  • Manage the entirety of your campaign’s logic, including audience segmentation, exclusions and assignment of offers and channels.
  • Enable use, re-use and tracking of campaign building blocks, including audiences, segments, offers, treatments and exclusion rules.
  • Close the loop by attributing responses of various types (direct, indirect, inferred) to campaigns using several attribution methods (best match, fractional, multiple or custom).
  • Integrate inbound and outbound marketing efforts across channels by using a single software platform that allows both efforts to use the same data and marketing building blocks.

Real-time personalization - Curate meaningful customer interactions. The real-time personalization solutions can help organization turn individual customer interactions into an opportunity for personalized, relevant engagement. Organizations use these solutions to create opportunities for better conversion, higher lifetime value and greater retention throughout the customer lifecycle.
Real-time personalization solutions enable organizations to:

  • Optimize live customer engagement through real-time channels by acting on what you know about your customers and what they’re doing in the current moment.
  • Gain deep insight into each customer’s interests and past interactions, and use that insight to provide highly personalized content, including product recommendations and marketing offers.
  • Provide business-beneficial communications and offers to customers with intuitive marketer-driven rules and controls.
  • Understand the impact of real-time personalization programs on conversions with ready-to-use dashboard reporting

Digital Marketing Optimization solution makes it practical to garner insights from web analytics and digital customer profiles and with a few clicks turn them into personalized marketing campaigns by means of website, mobile, email, and other digital channels. The integration with Cross-Channel Marketing Optimization solution, ready for immediate use, opens the path for combining online and offline insights for the purpose of driving targeted marketing action for all channels.

Omni-channel merchandise optimization solutions provide retailers with customer insights-based planning and analytical capabilities. This makes it possible to blend the art of experience, taste and judgment with optimization science and advanced analytics around buying propensity and the drivers of demand. By combining these approaches, organizations can more reliably determine the most desirable and profitable products, prices, promotions and markdowns.