What is Private Cloud-in-a-Box?

Private Cloud-in-a-Box is a Complete Integrated Solution with Hardware, Software, Implementation Services, Support line and Training bundled.  The solution is pre-tested, which means that it can kick start your journey to the cloud with minimum RISK.

The offering comes in 3 sizes targeting:

1) Small business - Infrastructure Services only (Basic)
2) Mid-Market – Infrastructure + Automation w/chargeback (Mid-Market & Enterprise)
3) Enterprise Customers – Infrastructure + Automation + Advanced Orchestration (Ent. & Premium)

GBM’s integrated cloud and data center optimization solutions help IT operations team effectively manage increasingly complex, hybrid environments and accelerate cloud services delivery. This is achieved by advanced automation, performance management and orchestration capabilities.

GBM’s Private Cloud-In-A-Box solution assists IT operations:

• Simplify data center operations through advanced automation.
• Enhance performance and resource utilization with predictive analytics.
• Build on open standards for interoperability and cost savings.

What’s in The Box?

• A self-contained private cloud in a box built on IBM SmartCloud Solutions.
• Market leading IBM infrastructure as the platform base.
• Industry leading hypervisor from VMware.
• A rich and powerful set of infrastructure features to provision workloads on a cloud environment.
• Integrates infrastructure, application, storage, and network automation into a single open and extensible automation platform.
• Designed to help orchestrate the development, deployment, and management of robust enterprise cloud services.
• Sized to accommodate up to 100 VMs of medium workload.

What’s the Value?

• Quick time to value as everything is preconfigured & certified, hence low risk.
• Quicker transition from virtualization to cloud
• Increased business agility.
• Provides comprehensive automation of cloud services, supporting infrastructure as well as application and platform services.
• Accelerated deployments with reusable workload patterns and Chef Recipes.
• Access to IBM cloud Marketplace.
• Dedicated project manager for a successful implementation.
• And most importantly, single point of contact for all your support needs.