Overview of the Problem:

More than ever before, nowadays enterprises risk revenue, profit loss and customer dissatisfaction when applications and services don’t meet consumer expectations. For operations, assuring the availability and quality of these applications and services is becoming increasingly challenging. Applications are becoming more distributed and sophisticated and at the same time, the underlying infrastructure that support these workloads are becoming more complex. The increased adoption of virtualized, private and public cloud infrastructure adds to this complexity. Numerous operations focused on individual applications or infrastructure domains with no end-to-end operational visibility translates into high costs and operational ineffectiveness, something enterprises can no longer afford to ignore

How our Solution can help:

• By reducing cost and providing a single pane of glass and central consolidation point for events and problem reports from across the operations environment
• By improving operational agility with real time analytics to help identify, isolate and resolve problems faster and even predict emerging problems
• Improve operational efficiency with flexible, simple tools for analyzing historical data to quickly identify opportunities to streamline operations

Detailed Customer Pain Points:

Are you facing any of these issues:

• Deploying new apps and infrastructure faster than operations can support and to manage them
• High cost and maintenance problems associated with multiple monitoring tool to manage new and legacy applications, and their infrastructure components
• Ineffective identification, prioritization and assignment of business-impacting incident
• Slow diagnosis and fixing of on-going business-impacting problems
• Inability to detect outages before they become business or customer impacting
• Explosion of volume, variety and velocity of operational data