Solution Brief

A joint GBM and IBM offering for enterprise organizations to consult, build, operate, and optimize their on-premise Security Operations Centers.

Why do enterprises need a SOC?



Building an enterprise Security Operations Center (SOC) is an effective path to proactively identify, monitor and manage security risks. An enterprise SOC encompasses the people, processes and technologies that handle information technology threat monitoring, forensic investigation, incident management and security reporting.

A SOC helps organizations to:

  • Have visibility of their Security Posture
  • Detect threats and malicious behaviours
  • Identify and manage threats and risks
  • Detect and prevent breaches and security incidents


Most organizations in the GCC prefer to build up their SOC in their own premises for several reasons including mainly:

  • Raising concerns on Data Privacy and confidentiality
  • Complying with local regulations
  • Operational control and efficiency



Elements of a SOC


An enterprise SOC functions as a team of skilled people operating under defined processes and supported by integrated security intelligence technologies that are typically housed within customer premises. The SOC typically consists of the following areas:

  • Skilled People for defined processes equipped with in-depth knowledge of the intelligence technologies that are housed within one or several on-premise facilities.
  • Processes that are designed specifically considering the technology hosted in the organization to assist ensuring that bothTechnology & People behave appropriately.
  • The right Technology with the precise expertimplementation, which can effectively and optimally identify the threat landscape.
  • Adequate controls in place for the Governance of the operation to ensure adherence to best practices and continual improvement.


GBM and IBM have designed a more competitive joint approach that delivers to GCC organizations the best value by maximizing the strengths of each company. The engagement is mainly divided into four phases.



A unique Value Proposition Delivered by GBM and IBM

A combination of a world leading consulting services from IBM and the best award-winning regional system integration and support capabilities from GBM creates a solution which is unique and cost effective to enterprises.                     


Key Solution Benefits