With TAHLILAT your organization gains a complete and consistent view of all key profitability drivers so you can:

  • Manage risk effectively
  • Track and monitor sales, margins and operational performance
  • Analyze results and identify and predict trends in channels, regions, products, demographics and customer behavior
  • Dynamically adjust plans to achieve profitable growth
  • Help meet regulatory demands



This is driving many financial services firms to looking at a multitude of specific actions in the area of customer-facing strategies.

Essentially this is based on Banking Data Warehouse & Business Analytics Technology offering end-to-end turnkey technical solution.

The solution is made up of the following components:

The solution is made up of the following components:

  • Best-practice industry Banking Data Warehouse (BDW) model in the System of Record (SoR, secondary tier of the data warehouse solution)—can serve as source for other banking applications;
  • Analysis presentation business user data warehouse tier for optimal front-end BI analytics and reporting (third tier of the data warehouse);
  • Data model to integrate all source systems into the Staging (first tier of the data warehouse) , SoR and Analysis DW tiers;
  • Full mapping across all DW tiers; 
  • All ETL coding and jobs across all DW tiers;
  • Cognos Framework Manager layer, utilizing both relational and dimension-modeled techniques, for separate packages that allow full report development as well as on-the-fly Relational-OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) capabilities;
  • Business Solution Templates (BSTs) designed for the analysis the business is most interested in;
  • Extensive front-end Cognos content, incorporating:
    • Reports;
    • Cubes;
    • Drill-Through Reports (from the M-OLAP cubes), for detailed information;
    • Dashboards;
    • Scorecards;
    • Event-based Triggers.
  • Encapsulates extensive experience in delivering effective data warehouse solutions to some of the world’s leading financial services organizations.
  • Delivers competitive advantage by providing consolidated and clean data.
  • Supports rapid implementation of warehousing solutions with meaningful financial data.
  • Provides a combination of sound infrastructural techniques, a proven data management product set and rich functional content.
  • Facilitates the subsequent customization and extension of the data warehouse
  • Enables business users to more effectively control the definition and scoping of the data warehouse solution
  • Provides a solid basis for expansion into relationship management applications and for integrating other decision support and executive information applications.
  • Will save on development costs
  • Reduces the risk of failure by taking an incremental approach to delivering integrated management information