Cúram Social Program Management Platform includes:

Social Program Core Components – out of the box data model, evidence management and eligibility capabilities.

Configurable End-to-End Business Processes – support the social lifecycle from intake to outcome.

Dynamic Programs – deliver pre-built business user configuration tools for rapid configuration of new programs and end-to-end creation.

Platform for the Future – ensures the ability to meet delivery demands and to adopt and prototype evolving social programs and service delivery models.

Cúram Social Program Management Platform includes:
  • Offer full lifecycle support for managing health and social programs from needs to outcomes. By designing around the client, Cúram solutions empower organizations to collaborate around client needs, providing citizens with easier access to governmental services and offering more effective ways to achieve desired health and social goals.
  • It has prebuilt social services data structures and relationships to support over 50 social programs out of the box with one-time capture of client information for re-use across multi-program eligibility.


DRIVERS FOR ENTERPRISE ANALYTICS PLATFORM Cúram Social Program Management Platform includes:
  • It has social program specific data model to consistently store and report on client and provider performance and organizational outcomes
  • Potential Market for Cúram consists for of  governments (national/local) with strong social service reform agendas , service delivery organizations focused on citizen centric services, service delivery organizations under public scrutiny for service failure or subject to public audits

Key buyers would typically consist of government officials (elected, business and technical) including ministers, chief of staff/policy advisers; agency CEOs  and senior program executives; CIO and corporate service executives.