Bid Manager

Closing Date: February 28, 2023

Job Description

The Bid Management Analyst is responsible for the construction of all submissions documents while abiding by the bid management process. This encompasses working very closely with Client Managers, the Legal team, Finance, Administration, and a group of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for the submission of complex technology proposals which include hardware, software, services, training, warranties, maintenance, and support.

Job Responsibilities

  • Adhere to the Bid RACI matrix in performing the entrusted duties and responsibilities.
  • Provide advice to GBM staff on RACI as it provides a baseline reference for carrying out the required functions with clear demarcation lines.
  • Timely execution of bid management processes from tender advertisement stage, submission, post submission, up to receiving client decision on the proposed solution.
  • Scheduling RFP qualification calls, subsequent follow-up as required on qualification decision.
  • Construction of RFP submission structure based on client-specific requirements, identification of forms to be filled and signed, the inclusion of all financial and technology certification attachments, creation of proposal documents’ structure, signing, and stamping.
  • Perform integrity checking to ensure that content is consistent and strictly aligned with clients’ expectations.
  • Identify and engage with all parties involved in the RFP submission. Interface with all stakeholders and understand their roles in every RFP submission.
  • Ensure that all project communication between various stakeholders is properly documented on a timely basis using GBM standard tools such as ASANA, O365, OneDrive, and MS Teams.
  • Ensure timely communication of the need to sign Teaming and Non-Disclosure agreements with client managers.
  • Escalate bid management issues to the immediate manager, identify and communicate recurring patterns of inconsistencies, and propose mitigation steps while adhering to GBM rules and regulations.
  • Master the use of technology tools used by the bid management team, provide technical advice to team members, respond and address technical content management problems promptly.
  • Monitor submission dates, be alert on all tender bulletins and clarifications and adjust submission dates accordingly.
  • Bid Management Analyst KPI is calculated on the basis of successful technical bids. Client evaluation of technical submissions should consistently be rated best next to none.

Qualification and Experience :

  • Bachelor in Business Administration, technical writing, or technology domain.
  • Good experience in a similar role in a fast-paced, high-volume proposal writing environment.
  • Team collaboration, multi-tasking, and working flexible hours.
  • Ability to handle pressure, meet strict deadlines, and compliance parameters.
  • Strong writing and project management skillsets.
  • Good communication in English and Arabic must