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Do you value creativity and great ideas? So does GBM. That is what we look for, when we seek to strengthen 250+ highly skilled professionals, from 22 countries. And we don’t stop at the hiring process.

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Our Culture

We work hard at GBM to create an environment that attracts, retains and develops talent. Our inclusive culture is about working together, fostering an environment of growth and development, whilst reaching goals that we all help to define.

We are a diverse group, but we share key values:

  • passion about digital transformation,
  • commitment to excellence,
  • and a willingness to go the extra mile.

Job Openings

Working at GBM means continuously learning, being heard by managers and colleagues, having an exciting career plan and being rewarded for your achievements.

Senior Project Manager

Job Summary The candidate should end-to-end manage multiple key client IT/Technology/Digital Services projects simultaneously. Project management responsibilities include steering the execution and completion of such projects on time within budget and scope. Candidate should be capable to oversee all aspects...

What our employees say about us

GBM is a company that carries lots of brand value in the IT industry. As an employee, I feel recognized, appreciated and rewarded for the work and effort I make. It also enabled me to have the position of Client Manager. It is truly great to be part of an exceptional yet professionally acclaimed team. I will always proudly say that – “I am a GBMer”
– Client Manager

GBM Qatar has a uniqueness of a diversified culture capsulated with a business conduct standard like that of international organizations.  Being a GBMer in the local Qatari market is positively looked at with style and respect. As a GBMer we look with pride at what this organization gives to its employees.
– INS Sales Director

“Having been with GBM Qatar for around 26 years says it all for me, what a fabulous journey it has been and what an amazing company to work for. GBM Qatar offers opportunities for everyone to foster and grow, peers at GBM Qatar are extremely encouraging, knowledgeable, approachable, and like one big family who is always around to support in times of need.”
– Admin & HR Manager

“Having worked at GBM for almost 10 years, I can truly say that the company values its employees and culture, allowing us to grow and feel passionate about our careers.”
– Client Manager

“I can vouch that this is an organization that offers opportunities for passionate people to foster and grow professionally.  I have personally gained knowledge in cross-functional domains and had got opportunities to work with most of the departments and support functions, which contributed a lot to my overall career growth, and I will be obliged to GBM for all my success today!”
– Client Manager

“Having spent a year with GBM Qatar now, I can honestly say that GBM is the best place to be. An amazing atmosphere to learn and grow.”
– Bid Manager

“Having worked at GBM Qatar for almost 11 years, I can only say that it is a company that inspires me to give my best and makes me feel passionate about my job where I get challenged and stretched into different areas. All employees are encouraged and empowered to do their best. Such a great work environment and team spirit.”
– Client Manager

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