GBM Chatbot – Up & Running in 48 Hours

Due to Covid-19, there is a tremendous increase in the number of phone calls by the citizens/consumers to the respective organization mostly to Ministries, Hospitals, Airlines, Supermarkets to name a few. There is a big waiting time realized for the Toll-Free numbers of the organization. Moreover, an increased pressure to support multi-channels like WhatsApp, FB Messenger, IVR deflection, etc.

It is important that we offload the contact centre agents communication to AI conversational BOTs and deflect to agents when needed by understanding the intent of consumer queries and fulfilling them in a timely manner.

Adding to that, the contact centre agents are advised to work from home leading to scenarios like BOT deflection to Live Agents at home, manageability of agent performance spread across locations (Customer Satisfaction Score, Pending Status of BOT and Live Agents and other Real-time Analytics).

Have your Chatbot up and running in 48 hours.

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