Reimagining the future with IBM: Infrastructure Modernization 

InterContinental Doha Beach & Spa

We were delighted to have participated in the transformative event, “Reimagining the Future with IBM | Infrastructure Modernization.” This gathering provided a remarkable opportunity to delve into the cutting edge of Infrastructure Modernization, with expert speakers leading the way and providing invaluable insights across a spectrum of topics, such as Hybrid Cloud, Sustainability, Data & AI, and beyond.

Recapping key insights from the event:

Driving Hybrid Cloud and AI Journeys with IBM Power Systems
IBM Power Systems took center stage, showcasing their ability to drive Hybrid Cloud and AI journeys with unparalleled performance, sustainability, and an improved Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The event highlighted the resilience of System Z, the sustainability of Power, and the integration capabilities of IBM Storage.

Watson X and Red Hat’s Impact on AI and Hybrid Cloud Design
Watson X, IBM’s groundbreaking technology, ensures transparency in AI execution, laying the foundation for ethical and accountable artificial intelligence. Red Hat’s leadership emphasized a 3x more Return on Investment (ROI) with a Hybrid Cloud by Design approach, showcasing the transformative power of strategic planning.

IBM Storage: Enhancing Data Resilience and Security
IBM Storage played a crucial role in contributing to data resilience, featuring early threat detection and rapid recovery mechanisms. The integration capabilities of IBM Storage underscored its importance in creating a secure and efficient infrastructure for the future.

Positioned for the Future – Scalable, Sustainable, and Secure
The event celebrated IBM’s leadership in Hybrid Cloud and AI, highlighting a uniquely positioned future with scalable, sustainable, and secure infrastructure. From the resilience of System Z to the sustainability and TCO improvements offered by Power Systems, coupled with IBM Storage’s integration prowess, the event showcased the positive impact on customer success.