White Paper

Building Software-Defined Foundation For Hybrid Multicloud Infrastructure

This whitepaper describes how optimized hybrid infrastructure enables an agile and efficient IT organization to embrace next-generation technologies, optimize existing applications, and secure the infrastructure from end to end. Download the Whitepaper

White Paper

Future of Organization: Cloud Adoption Speeds up DX Wave in Qatar

Draft an IT strategy that will drive your business well beyond 2022. In this InfoBrief, you will find the essential guidance to cloud adoption in Qatar from the role of the cloud to organizational digital transformation to the organizational infrastructure...


Data and Intelligence Transformation in Qatar

Author: Raid Shahin, Director – Digital Business Solutions Data analytics, and the future of enterprise intelligence, offers tangible business benefits which will accelerate as its reach expands. This means dramatically improving the productivity and efficiency of knowledge workers, strengthening business...


Digital Transformation Acceleration in Qatar; Impact of COVID and Beyond

Author: Soubhi Chebib, General Manager 2020 saw global disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an outbreak that forced many organizations to reprioritize their digital transformation investments. Customers in an advanced stage of transformation were better prepared to deal with the...


The Journey to Hybrid Cloud

Author: Raid Shahin, Director of Digital Business Solutions & Service Delivery Cloud computing has revolutionized IT infrastructure and enterprise applications in businesses from every sector in Qatar. Even government bodies, which have lagged in cloud adoption in many countries, benefited...

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Industry Solutions

Today we work with more than 250 customers in Qatar. As a leading Hybrid Cloud & Digital Solutions provider, we support organizations of all sizes and industries on their journey to Digital Transformation.

Banking and Finance
Our customer holds 80% of the Qatar market share for customer deposits
Defense and Police
Our customer is responsible for the safety of nearly 3M citizens & residents
Our customer is the main healthcare provider in the country
Oil and Gas
Our customer is responsible for the Oil & Gas production in Qatar
Travel / Transportation
Our customer is one of the largest international air carriers servicing more than 88,000 passengers a day
Our customer is some of the largest construction companies in Qatar, employing more than 20,000 employees
Energy and Utilities
Our customer is providing citizens, residents, visitors and businesses with a single point of access platform to access their services
Our customer is first to roll out the 5G network covering nearly 99% of the country’s populated area
Our customer is some of the leading hospitality groups in Qatar
Our customer received several regional innovation awards embracing the latest technologies in digitalization
Our customer employs over 2,500 staff and operate over 40 stores in Qatar

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Nurtured partnerships with leading technology innovators across the globe to provide our customers with world-class digital solutions tailored to their unique needs.

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